Pizza Wars: Chicago Deep Dish v. New York City Thin Crust

Now, I know everyone is drooling over the site of delicious pizza, but there is a food war to be determined! Which city holds the title for the better pizza?

Pizza is a delicious and savory delicacy and can be eaten on the run, or in a timely matter if chosen. Eat it while watching the football game or go gourmet and get some fancy toppings. When reheating pizza, be weary of the toppings, some may go out of date or not be suitable for reheating, for example, how long does cooked chicken last in the fridge?

But, these two cities have a rep of having very well known cheese and sauce on bread.

Chicago Deep Dish Pizza:

New York styled Pizza:

I have to say, I am a HUGE fan of pizza and I love them both.

What is your favorite kind of pizza: Chicago or New York style?

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